Willow Creek Mill Cherry Pancake Mix 16 oz.

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Combine this 16 oz. cherry pancake mix with just a handful of ingredients. Enjoy these fluffy and delicious pancakes for a weekend breakfast or anytime!

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Nutritional Information: Serving Size-2 4" pancakes (Servings per container-10) Calories-150, Protein-4 gms., Carbohydrates-32 gms., Sugars 7gm, Polyunsaturated fat-0.5 gms., Saturated fat-<1gm., Trans fat 0 gm Cholesterol-32 gms Sodium-230 mg., Dietary Fiber- 1 gm. Sugars 11.4 gms PERCENT of CALORIES from Fat-5% Percentage of US Recommended Daily Allowances Calcium 2%, Iron <2%, Vitamin A <2%, Vitamin C <2%